A checklist for your international mail service

When you send direct mail internationally there is more pressure to get it right. After-all it will take more time and money to prepare and send materials. If you don't get it right and invest in a professional international mail service, you could fail to hit your objective. Fortunately the Global Mailing team is here to help, offering some useful tips.

The first few steps when preparing to send mail to clients in different countries are the same as when you send nationally. You should start off by setting a realistic objective, determine your budget, and check to make sure you have verified and validated the data you will use.

Next you need to make sure your marketing message is clear. Keep in mind that you will be sending mail to people from different cultures. You may need to adapt messages as a result to ensure you make the right impression. It is always wise to consider cultural sensitivity and consider it when determining your promotion.

A call to action is absolutely crucial on direct mail. It could be a telephone number, encouraging people to use a specific discount code online, or even visiting selected web pages. The aim should be to get people to respond promptly. You can track responses to determine how successful your campaign was.

Perhaps the most important thing with international campaigns is to ensure you have facilities in place to handle responses. If you are sending mail to a country where the main language is different and you want people to call or email you it is important to have someone able to answer the phone or message. If these resources are lacking you could lose out.

Whether you are new to international direct mail or have previous experience it is wise to work with a professional partner. Global Mailing can fill this role effectively. We have a lot of experience to call on and will deliver the perfect service every time. In fact we hit such high standards that we enjoy long term partnerships with a number of businesses in different industries.

If you are looking for a flexible yet reliable international mail service we can provide it. Contact us to discuss your needs with our team and find out more about what makes us a special company to work with. We are sure you’ll be impressed.

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