A guide on direct mail for small businesses

We are a team that works with businesses who have strict demands. As a leading international mail service provider, we possess the skills and resources to meet them. It doesn't matter how big your business is, or what industry you belong to; everyone receives first class assistance when they choose us.

You’ve probably heard that print is dead from a myriad of sources. However, the statistics say different. People are actually four times more likely to open direct mail rather than an email. Not only this, but the response rates have risen since 2010. What this means is that, when strategically used, the mail can increase revenue for a small company.

Physical over the digital

There’s a great chance of direct mail working for you if you utilise it properly. Many marketers concentrate more on online channels. Nonetheless, evidence shows that people have a deeper connection with physical materials. In addition, as opposed to email marketing, individuals like receiving post through their letterbox. They simply find emails more annoying.

Effective design and sizing

The first step to success is to create pieces of direct mail that are effective. It could be a dimensional piece, a postcard, or a standard letter. On the report of research from the Data and Marketing Association, larger envelopes can deliver the highest responses. Letter-sized mail tends to have lower rates. When you consider the size, always weigh the costs against the returns before jumping straight in.

At Global Mailing, fulfilment and mail are the sole two services we focus on. This makes it easy for us to provide you with the right help. We do all we can to ensure that things remain on track. Furthermore, whenever there are developments, you will be the first to know.

We understand that small businesses may be operating on a very strict budget and that every investment counts. With our international mail service we can help to get the highest response rates. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.

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