Active writing is the preferred form of writing

Whenever someone finds themselves in need of first class international mailing solutions, they usually come to us. Possessing over three decades of experience in the industry, we know exactly what clients expect of us. As a result we can take the necessary steps to ensure their satisfaction. Having worked for some of London's most demanding businesses, we are confident that we can meet any customer specification.

A well-produced mail shot can make all the difference, yet some people still end up making mistakes whilst composing their own. Excellent writing is essential if your intention is for the reader to view you as an actual person. Should you fail in your efforts, they are more likely to either disregard your communication or misinterpret it. To ensure that your own letters are written properly, we’ve placed some tips down below on how to write effective letters.

Whilst writing, you must do so actively. The best writers make use of their active voice at every given opportunity. Within sentences individuals act and interact. Your active voice is both brief and vigorous, displaying who is acting and how they’re doing it. In passive sentences, people are either acted upon or outright disappear. Inside the majority of contexts, passive voices are evasive and fuzzy, which makes it harder for readers to tell who is trying to do what.

Instead of saying something like “the report shall be distributed to you” and “the origin of your woes has been identified”, try “I shall send the report to you” and “our technical experts have discovered the problem”. Remove things like “are done”, “it appears”, and “there is” by restructuring passive sentences and transforming them into active ones.

At Global Mailing, thanks to the attention to detail that we put into our work, clients from across the country have come to depend on us for international mailing solutions. Not only do we see to it that the job is accomplished, but we also aim to make your experiences much simpler at the same time.

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