Advice on designing B2B and B2C mail campaigns

Our company is one that goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers are well looked after. Operating a first class international mail service, we are capable of meeting a variety of unique specifications. This provides us with an edge over the competition, and is what draws so many people to us.

Prior to starting your mail’s production, you should ask yourself a question. You need to determine what it is you’re seeking to gain from your direct mail designs. For example you could be aiming for increased open rates and responses. If this is the case, then our trustworthy B2C and B2B tips will prove useful.

Be flexible and creative

Our first tip would be to allow for some freedom. Your campaigns aren’t obligated to follow standard presentations. In fact, a bit of freedom stands out wonderfully today. ‘Intricate’ B2C movements and B2B direct mail marketing attract fair amounts of attention. Therefore, a good idea would be to focus on them.

Are there any other tips I can use?

Something else you would be better off doing is placing pictures before text. If you are utilising a ruling image, see to it that your headline lies below it. Headlines positioned above pictures guarantee that a reader’s eyes will immediately move to the illustration. This will lower the discernment of your message. Any secondary images should include sub-headlines below them.

Encouraging curiosity is another thing you should try doing. If you can do this recipients will be more likely to open envelopes and have a look at your materials. This is especially vital for B2B direct mail and can really make you stand out.

At Global Mailing, we have proven our capacity to get things right repeatedly throughout the years. We love doing our jobs well, because we get to put a smile on the faces of everyone we help. This makes the job even more rewarding for us.

We are happy to tailor our international mail service to suit every need. Therefore, if there is anything we can assist you with, please get in touch.

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