An effective tool demands an effective strategy

Whenever we run into clients, new or existing, they prefer to remain with us. The reason why is that we are able to offer them an unsurpassed service that attends to all their needs. We are one of the top performing international direct mailing companies operating today. As such, you too should think about joining us if you require assistance with your mail.

Despite the presence of online advertising and emails, postcards are still a potent marketing technique. People think of them as traditional, but we cannot call their effectiveness into question.

Direct mail postcards are so successful and popular because they’re capable of engaging impressive volumes of consumers. This is one of the primary reasons why marketers employ them. Their hyper-personalisation is what aids them in standing out from the junk when delivered. Actually, the people who receive the postcards read over 56% of them.

Do I need a strategy with postcards?

With so many individuals opening the mail that’s sent to them, a strategy for postcards will be necessary. For instance, you’ll have to find a way to circumvent the ad trap. Postcards tend to appear similar to adverts. This may work in some cases, but your customers aren’t likely to give your mail a second thought. You have but a few seconds to interest the prospects, so you should keep everything personalised.

A prominent approach would be to design your postcards with your readers in mind. Ideally, they should read as if it’s a friend talking to them. Pictures and the variety of font used can also assist you in obtaining your desired demeanour.

At Global Mailing, our own clients constantly challenge us to meet the high standards they imposed on us. No matter how tough things get, we still manage to persevere. This really sets us apart from the other international direct mailing companies.

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