Consider a lean approach

Global Mailing has spent over twenty years satisfying a myriad of customers with its first class services. As one of the leading international direct mailing companies, we stop at nothing to ensure that we follow your instructions precisely. Although we might look like a blue chip establishment, we always make certain that you come before all else. In fact, we treat our clients like family.

Some out there believe that mail campaigns should be lean. The process itself is a methodical strategy of lowering waste without having to sacrifice returns on investments. It can provide fantastic result if done correctly.

If you wish to apply lean principles to your efforts, the first action you must take is to examine both employees and clients. The wonderful thing about this direct mail approach is that you can save money by using it. You can lower inside costs and heighten customer responses. The more you're able to save, the greater the amount you can make.

Define the value

To use the lean method effectively, there are specific principles you'll have to introduce to your next campaign. Defining the value is one of the most important. You must identify how much your service or product is valued by your prospects and customers. Look at your business from their point of view. Once you can easily pinpoint every advantage to them, you can then shuttle values.

Once you've recognised your value, the next step is to discern the steps you need to take to generate the finest mail piece to target your values. You could develop a map outlining what you must complete and the persons responsible for doing everything. It's possible to spot potential stuffing points and make plans to overcome them.

Global Mailing has the marketing expertise, systems, and people to manage your fulfilment needs. Whether it's targeted mailshots or distributing invitations, you can count on us to come through for you. We work very hard to make sure we are different and better than all other international direct mailing companies.

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