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To comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations we have recently conducted a Cookie Audit of our website (April 2012) to ensure that we are fulfilling all necessary requirements in relation to our users.

Our website uses a number of cookies to gain access to, and store data on, our visitor’s computers. For more information about cookies and what they are used for, please see

The following is our position in relation to current Cookies in use on our website, and how we store and use them.

In Summary
Our current assessment of the cookies used by our website is as follows:

First Party Cookies
First-party cookies are used to monitor how our clients and visitors find and use our website. We report on this activity in aggregate, and use this information solely for the purposes of improving the functionality of, and monitoring our website.

Session ID (PHPSESSID) - We use these to keep track of your movement from page to page, so you don’t get asked for the same information that you have already given to our site.
Consent cookie –These are used to keep track of whether or not the user has granted consent for cookies to be stored on their computer.

Third Party Cookies
Third party cookies are cookies created by another party external to Global Mailing Ltd, when you use a page on our website. These cookies are specific to the third-party’s domain and accordingly the data held in them can be seen and managed by the third party, and not by us. We control whether or not we use the third-party service with our website, and how it is integrated and presented on our website. We do not however have control over the content or the cookies themselves, the use made of them or the security of that data once held by the third party.

These third parties may collect information about your visit to our website, and they may then use this along with other data in order to serve advertising which may be more relevant to you and your interests. However, we recognise that some visitors may see this use of data as intrusive, so for your information we are listing the third party cookies that we use to allow you to manage your settings to your specifications.

The third party sites that we use are:

Google Analytics
__utma - These are used to determine unique visitors to your site. Expiration is 2 years.
__utmb - These are used to establish and continue a user session with your site. Expiration is 30 minutes.
__utmc - These are used to determine whether or not to establish a new session for the user. Expiration is after the browser is exited.
__utmz - These are used to calculate search engine traffic, ad campaigns and page navigation within the site. Expiration is 6 months.

We believe there is no reason for our website visitors to be concerned about the privacy implications of any of the cookies we use, but we do understand that you may need to be made aware of the intention and scope of data stored in the cookies, which are created or updated on your computer when you visit our website. You always have the option to delete these cookies from your computer between visits to our website if desired.

If you have concerns about the privacy implications of the cookies we use, then we recommend that you manage your cookie settings using the cookie management tools in your web browser.

Other Cookies
We occasionally try out other providers which may result in the creation of further cookies on your computer. If we are currently doing so then these providers and cookies will be listed here. No other trials are currently running.

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