Cost efficiency in direct mailing

The thing that deters many businesses from trying direct mail is the size of investment. It can be large, especially when you think about the design, printing and delivery costs. A major benefit of working with leading international direct mailing companies like us is we have a lot of experience. As a result we can find ways to achieve cost efficiency.

Whatever your budget you should never be wasteful because it can eat into your profits. Therefore you should constantly look at ways you can keep costs down. Below we look at a few of the things you can do.

Contact data

When you send mail out you need to know where it is going. As a result you should have a list of client addresses as well as personal details. Managing the information is crucial. Keep in mind that a lot can change within a small space of time. For example people could change address, get married, and several other things. If you fail to make changes to your data your mail may get delivered to the wrong home and never reach the intended target.


The amount of manual work can have a big impact on the overall cost of your mailing campaigns. If you need to dedicate people to inputting information, folding letters and putting them in envelopes, the costs can be substantial. The total will also be higher if you are sending out a large number of letters. Luckily technology has improved in leaps and bounds. There are automated systems that can reduce the amount of labour that is needed. They not only work quicker; they also reduce mistakes too.

Economies of scale

Personalised mail will always make a better impact. The downside is that it can increase the costs. One thing you can do is choose a small number of unique elements and then keep everything else standard. You can print the standard parts in bulk, resulting in savings per unit due to economies of scale.

Global Mailing understands why cost efficiency is so important. We can arrange the right service for every client, ensuring they make the right impact but stick to their budget. Therefore, if you want to arrange a service from one of the most reliable international direct mailing companies, contact us.

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