Direct mail is still going strong

As one of London's finest mailing establishments, we go above and beyond to give you that "Wow!" feeling. We can handle orders of various sizes and we've specifically designed our operations so that they're easy to work with. If what you need is a top calibre international mail service, then ours is the team you can trust.

Somewhere down the line, people began to doubt direct mail’s potential. It’s not too difficult to see why, because the common opinion is that individuals don’t even read their messages anymore. Despite this, the channel continues to perform. For many, it brings in more leads than other strategies are able to.

Think of it as a sales channel

The quintessential way to think about direct mail is as a sales medium. You’ll have the means to discern your target audience and function back from the point of sale to identify the metrics. The most invigorating part of all this is that you can supplement your mail fulfilment via other channels. Saying this, here are some rules for deciding when and how you can employ direct mail as an aspect of your marketing mix.

To begin with, do the maths. It could be on a spreadsheet or on the back of a napkin. Find out if you can afford this approach before jumping in headfirst. You should also include some form of offer. These offers go past the product and its characteristics. Although they are not mandatory, they can prove beneficial.

At Global Mailing, we have quite the talent for keeping existing customers and promoting our international mail service to new ones. We love doing our jobs effectively and seeing the positive results we can generate for our clients.

If you would like to work alongside us, please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon and exploring what kind of benefits we could provide for you.

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