Direct mail is still going strong

Global Mailing has worked hard to become a premier service provider. Being international direct mail specialists, we take every precaution to ensure that everything being mailed is well looked after whilst on route to the final destination. Although we do function similarly to a blue chip company, we still bring the family-oriented culture that makes it possible to place the customer first.

Technology might have altered the very face of marketing, but direct mail is something that continues to produce powerful marketing connections.

Regardless of whether we’re making reference to the electronic or physical inbox, you need to ask yourself if the recipient will be able to read everything they receive. Personal inboxes are filled to the brink with news, personal communications, offers, and updates. However, it is unlikely there will be enough time to go through everything. That is why you need to stand out and ensure you think about clarity.

On average, 13 billion letters are distributed and received every year in our country. For email, this figure is a whopping 215.3 billion. In total, it would take 16.5 five years to both send and read every one of those messages. Certain businesses do continue to stuff already overburdened inboxes, but it has to be said that mailing services are a much more personal way of issuing messages that are relatable and meaningful.

Another thing to note about direct mail is that it gives you greater value for money. Advertising mail has a habit of remaining in the homes of potential customers for around 17 days. It presents itself as a continuous reminder in that time. Half of all emails however are opened within a day of being received and are then forgotten about almost immediately.

At Global Mailing, because of our dedication, we have retained the loyalty of some very demanding companies. Surprisingly we are energised by this challenge and reward the faith they show in us with consistent high service.

When working with us, all the pressure is taken off you, and you’re instilled with the confidence that your mail is being handled with respect and efficiency. That is how we have become established as leading international direct mail specialists.

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