Direct mail’s leading practices

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Digital marketing is on the rise but direct mail is still going strong. In truth, it’s more likely that individuals will respond to a relevant and splendidly-executed physical campaign. Being experts in this field, we thought it would be considerate of us to examine some of the leading practices of this approach.


For starters, your mail has to include fruitful calls-to-action. They must be compelling to your audience. Your CTA needs to say what you want the recipient to do explicitly. In addition, you have to repeat your CTA a plethora of times in visually evident manners. This is primarily because beneficiaries tend to skim read and don’t look at the finer details. You can try employing graphics and a “P.S.” segment, since both have previously proven themselves effective at enhancing response rates.

Multiple options for response

To accommodate distinct preferences and lower friction, you’ll want to incorporate multiple ways for the receiver to respond to you. This could be things like coupons, order-form inserts, and postage-paid postcards. You may want to make certain that they can respond with their mobile phone as well. This might include URLs directing people to an offer landing page, unique coupon codes, or QR codes.

At Global Mailing, we’ve used our superlative attention to detail to satisfy all kinds of customers throughout our time as a business. We don’t believe that things should be unnecessarily complicated. As such, we go the extra mile to guarantee that yours will be a smooth experience when you choose our international mail service.

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