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When it comes to mail, people are often concerned that it won't be handled properly once it leaves their hands. This can deter them from trying it. Luckily, our service is different and boosts confidence. Operating a first class international mail service, you should call us whenever you need help.

The overheads for direct mail tend to be a massive subject of interest for business managers and marketing heads alike. This is no surprise, considering the entire cost per object for a C5 mailer with letter is around 65% to 75%. As you might expect, any advice on lowering prices is much appreciated. Being experts on the topic of mail, we’re going to share some of our top tips on managing the bills.

The majority of marketers are aware of data segmentation. However, an alarming number of them have yet to put it into practice. Considering that it can drastically minimise overheads, this is a staggering revelation. By separating prospect and customer details, and prioritising them correctly, you can guarantee the most conclusive information for each endeavour.

Is there anything else I can do?

You may already know this, but data precision is imperative to a campaign’s prosperity. There are numerous mailing lists though where the details aren’t too accurate. This is bad, affecting both the postage cost and direct mail build. If you intend to converse with your audience using this type of mailing, your statistics must be as truthful as possible.

Perfect data is a rare commodity however. The rule of thumb for a campaign is for it to have less than 5% postal returns. Said returns could be because of unknown addressees and incomplete addresses. The more problems you can subvert from your data, the bigger the savings for your budget.

At Global Mailing, thanks to our multitudes of accomplishments, we are considered a leader within the industry. We’ve already satisfied countless individuals with our international mail service, but we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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