Effective ways of packaging your mail

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On the authority of Epsilon, a staggering 77% of individuals open their post the moment they obtain it. Statistics retrieved from the Direct Mail Association also revealed that two-thirds of people purchased something thanks to a piece of mail. What this shows us is that direct mailing can be a rudimentary feature of a marketing movement when done correctly. Below, you shall find a series of expert tips on how to make the most of the promotional materials you send out.

Use larger envelopes

You should try to use oversized envelopes. This will assist you immensely in grabbing your patrons' attention. On the report of a study by the Direct Marketing Association, large envelopes possess higher response rates. Letter-sized envelopes, postcards, catalogues, and dimensional packages also offer similar results.

Odd shapes

Another tip we have is to make your pieces lumpy. Objective number one of any direct mail campaign is to get people to open your envelopes. Companies have distributed thousands of pieces to potential customers. Some discovered that mailers with lumpy items inside their envelopes had close to a perfect open rate. This is because humans are naturally curious about what lies within, compelling them to open the envelope. It's up to you to make what you send captivating, relevant, as well as personal.

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