Even well known companies still use direct mail

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Even though it is thought of as obsolete by businesses that prefer more sophisticated technology, direct mail continues to be a fruitful way of gaining new leads and acquiring sales. It’s not just the newspapers and supermarkets we’re on about here; some of the most tech savvy companies like Google use this approach to locate people who can’t access computers. Listed below are some other examples of those who utilise this type of mailing service in their marketing efforts.

Similar to the aforementioned supermarkets, fast food outlets like Burger King distribute coupons and similar materials in an attempt to encourage individuals to purchase more frequently. Burger King does this in addition to using a mobile app and their website to offer information and coupons. Customers can add themselves onto the mailing list by completing prize ballots or surveys at their local store. Afterwards, the coupons are mailed to them to persuade them to return.

The Tylenol brand has also found an array of effective ways of employing direct mail to reach its audience. One of their triumphant strategies has been to send out offers to receive samples by having prospective customers write to them. After having been given the samples, patrons will find coupons periodically in their mail.

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