Boost your ROI by cutting direct mailing costs

Direct mailing can be quite an investment but also has the power to provide an excellent ROI. The key to maximising this is to weigh up the costs very carefully. It is very easy to go over budget and find yourself with a larger bill to deal with. Fortunately we can help. Our international mail service is highly regarded, therefore we can help businesses to get the best returns.

Tips for saving on direct mailing

There are several different things you can do to save money and make your marketing budget go further. We will discuss some of the best ones below.

Gang or combination run printing

This is a technique where several similar jobs are printed at the same time. It can provide fantastic savings by reducing the number of print plates that are necessary and cutting set-up and paper costs. This method is appropriate when numerous different materials made from the same paper and inks require printing. Things like business cards, flyers, simple brochures and postcards are all suitable for this technique.

Smaller sizing

The key with reducing print costs is to maximise efficiency. One way to do this is to opt for the perfect sizing. In some cases a slight reduction in the size can make all the difference, resulting in more efficient printing and less waste.


Direct mailing can be the most effective when the materials are personal. The tricky thing is that the personalisation can increase printing costs dramatically. There are ways to reduce this though, including ensuring you select the right production method.

Save on postage

Postage costs can quickly build up when you are sending hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of materials. You should try to get discounts wherever possible, including from choosing bulk delivery. Another thing you can do is ensure your data is clean. As a result you won’t send duplicates and will avoid mailing to the wrong addresses.

There are a number of other things you can do to reduce your bill. Global Mailing would be happy to help you do just that. We provide a reliable international mail service for numerous businesses in different industries. Our reputation is so good because we strive to offer a personal service that makes every client know we value them.

If you would like our assistance please feel free to get in touch.

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