GDPR will have a big impact on mailing services

At Global Mailing we strive to ensure that every single service we offer helps to boost our fantastic reputation. As part of this we always work hard to make sure we take care of both our customers and the recipients of the mail that is sent out. This approach has helped us to become one of the leading providers of international mailing solutions.

One of the biggest changes occurring in the marketing world is the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). They will come into force on the 25th May 2018 and set out new requirements for data protection, security and privacy. A big part of this is that consumers will have far more control of their data, giving them the opportunity to see what details businesses hold and have them delete everything when requested.

The big changes will affect how businesses collect and use data, increasing how responsible they are for it. The move comes as a response to the increasing number of incidents involving customer data being lost or poorly managed and putting consumers at risk.

An important thing every business will need to be aware of after the change is the difference between reaching out to existing customers and prospective ones. First party marketing is when you contact a current customer and every message should include the option to opt out of receiving further correspondence.

Third party marketing on the other hand is to prospective customers. Under GDRP businesses will only be able to market to people who have opted in to receiving materials. This will make it harder to source details and means that clear consent must be given.

To prepare for GDPR businesses should take the following steps;

1) Map all of their current data flows
2) Appoint suitable personnel to handle data management and compliance to GDPR.
3) Check all consent.
4) Adapt how they capture, store and manage data, including ensuring effective cleansing.
5) Look at retention and how to acquire new data.
6) Evaluate and focus on continuous improvement.

If you want to use international mailing solutions that will help you to meet GDPR requirements we can help. Our team are committed to delivering the very best of service and will help businesses to meet their responsibilities whilst also benefitting from efficient mail solutions.

To find out more the new requirements or our services, please contact us.

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