Give out freebies and make the call to action clear

We are London's top international mail service provider, having been active for over 25 years. If there are three things that attract clients, it's our ability to get everything right, outstanding attention to detail, and our first rate assistance. We remove all the pressure from you and also provide you with assurances that we're treating your mail with respect.

You are probably confident in your direct mail skills. However, chances are that there’s more you could do to enhance the effectiveness of your pieces further. We want to offer you a helping hand with this. To this end, we’ve come up with some tips and advice you can use for your next campaign.

Include benefits and freebies

One thing you could try is supplying your audience with freebies and benefits. Concentrate your mailing efforts on how the patron will benefit by selecting your options. Don’t merely speak about how fabulous you are. Include things like samples if possible. While you’re at it, show them an immediate advantage to joining your ranks. The ideal way of doing this would be to include special offers and coupons with every piece of mail. The more evident and direct your proposals are, the better your chances at success.

Be bold

When working on your call to action, be sure to make it bold and huge in size. The quintessential mailer includes three calls to action inside its content. Every one presents the reader with a moment to cease reading and react to the offer. Your message does need to be enthralling, but you have only a few seconds to attract your prospect’s eye with what their next act has to be. Make your action simple to follow, clear, and bold.

At Global Mailing, some of the biggest customers we work for include market leaders who demand nothing but superior results. We deliver on our promises to them and we’re more than capable of doing the same for you. We will device the perfect international mail service for you, driving value and striving to achieve your goals.

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