International Direct Mail Specialists

The main thing that has helped us become international direct mail specialists is our passion for what we do. The Global Mailing team is 100% committed to providing outstanding levels of service for businesses in a selection of industries, from finance to publishing, and not for profit organisations too.

For the last 25 plus years we have believed in making our customers feel like part of the family, building outstanding relationships in the process. We inspire confidence in each client because we can overcome any challenges and offer assistance at every single stage when it comes to mailing and fulfilment. We also make mail services fun.

The in-house systems we have are an excellent asset but even they are not at the same level as our talented, highly trained team. With these dedicated, creative professionals we can mix and match skills to reflect each service. This dynamic approach means that nothing is out of our reach.

Some businesses are deterred by the idea of mailing and fulfilment internationally but it is one of our core services. We guarantee quality, deliver the most efficient services, and also seek to offer outstanding value for money. By focusing on doing the basic things as well as we can, we achieve incredible results for our clients.

One of the things that really make us stand out is our last minute flexibility. Unlike many other mailing providers we work closely with clients and can make changes to delivery schedules and various other things at very late notice. This means we minimise the risk of mistakes and wasted investments.

Regardless of the size of the business or the extent of their mailing needs, we can tailor the right service for each client. We work with multinationals, SMEs, and organisations on a similar scale. Whatever the budget, we will focus on delivering the best possible potential for returns.

A final thing that makes us stand out as the perfect international direct mail specialists is our commitment to caring for the environment. We take several steps to be green, including using recycled materials were possible, keeping waste to a minimum, and working with businesses so they keep their data clean and accurate to reduce the items sent out in error.

Global Mailing would be proud to help you find the perfect service. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will provide assistance.

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