Learn from your returns

When you send out direct mail the last thing you want is a high return ratio. If lots of your materials are being sent back without being seen you are wasting lots of money and the opportunity to reach people who may respond. Generally the issue is down to failing to clean up data. As one of the leading international direct mailing companies we work to keep returns as low as possible. That way the investment has the best potential for making a good ROI.

Tracking returns

It can be difficult to ensure you have effective communication. Once the mail leaves your hands you have very little feedback. The things you send out may simply get ignored and thrown in the bin.

One thing you can do to improve effectiveness is react to every piece of mail that comes back. If it fails to makes its way to the intended recipient make sure you check that data. This gives you the chance to see if there is anything wrong with it, including the name or address. You can then update your records and remove this entry so you don’t waste money attempting to send anything else. In addition you could try to find new details for that person if you wish.

Tracking returns should be an important part of your marketing cycle. It isn’t something you should just do once and forget about. In fact, it can help you to keep your costs down and also makes you GDPR compliant. If you receive mail back because people opt out you must update records so they don’t receive any more.

Professional services

As part of our international mailing services we can take care of returns for you and update your customer data. We are a reliable partner and make all of our customers feel like part of the family. This really makes our service stand out.

If you want to work with one of the top international direct mailing companies contact us. We are sure you will appreciate our quality services and ability to learn from the returns. We grow with you and adapt our service over time when necessary.

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