Make an impact by mailing real materials

Emails have changed the world, making it easier and cheaper for businesses to reach out to consumers. The downside is they are easy to ignore and stand a good chance of not even making it to the final destination due to filters on email clients. Surprisingly physical direct mail makes a bigger impact because the envelopes need to be opened. There is a better opportunity to make a good impression as a result.

To bridge the affordability gap between physical and email it is vital that you have the right strategy. Target the people you want to send mail to carefully rather than firing off thousands of emails and seeing which ones stick. You should also think very carefully about what your direct mail says so it will make the right impact.

It is even more important to take care with physical direct mailing if you use an international mail services. Naturally it will be more costly to send materials overseas than sticking with a national service. You want to make sure that everything reaches its intended destination effectively rather than being stopped at customs or sent back.

There are three important things to get right if you want to send mail effectively internationally. Firstly, you need to ensure the contact details are right, taking the time to clear and clarify your data. Secondly, you need to know how the address must be written for the country. Thirdly, you need to deal with the specific customs requirements so your mail doesn’t get stopped.

At Global Mailing we understand the real value that direct mail can offer. It is our speciality and we work with numerous businesses and organisations that benefit from it. Our services are tailored to suit specific requirements and we always strive to offer the best possible value for money too.

With our help the whole strategy can be devised so that the investment stands the best chance of producing the results you want. If you need an international mail service we are the provider who will grow and expand with you.

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