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Making mail pieces more appealing

Because more appealing direct mail produces a better brand engagement and more business for you.

There used to be a time when getting real post was exciting. These days, it is a bit harder to get this kind of response. The reason why is that people deal with a wave of junk mail, including take out menus, adverts and newsletters. There are secrets you can use to make your mail stand out from all of this fortunately. We are going to reveal some of the ways to make direct mail more appealing for your audience.

Practical uses

Making your mail practical is a great idea. Consumers make use of scrap paper every day. Notable uses include:

  1. writing down phone numbers and messages
  2. To-do and shopping lists
  3. General doodling!

If you give your mail a practical use people are more likely to hold on to it and see your brand. This is much better than the piece getting ignored or thrown straight out. There are plenty of potential practical uses to think of, so choose the right one for your message.


You need to supply value as well. The majority of direct mail pieces we see deserve the title of ‘junk mail’. Yours must not fall into this category. The key is to provide a true value that rises above your brand message. There are all kinds of creative ideas out there that aren’t expensive:

  • Calendars are still really popular
  • Desk games
  • FAQs
  • Problem-solving guides


In a perfect world, your direct mail piece hits someone’s desk just when they are thinking about buying what you sell. That rarely happens. So your mail needs to be something that they keep. Something that will regularly remind them of your brand and how you can help them. That way it is kept. It is filed somewhere (not the B1N file!) and is seen frequently. So when that person does get to the point where they need something, you are, at least, one of the companies they talk to.

At Global Mailing, we handle all of our customer’s fulfilment needs with our international mail service. In addition we offer the highest quality customer service as standard. By working this closely with you, we can ensure a great relationship.

If there is anything you’d like to speak with us about, feel free to contact our team.

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