Making the most of QR codes

Countless brands are trying to combine physical and digital mail to give them the best chance to gain customers. This can be an effective strategy, especially if the marketing materials are eye-catching and engaging. As one of the top international direct mailing companies in the UK, we can help to do just that.

Don’t lost the interest

When your physical marketing materials work well they will get people to take action promptly. The last thing you want is for a delay because this gives time for them to forget what they saw, what you have to offer, and why they wanted to buy from you. Even a short delay such as the time it takes to a get to a computer to visit a website or type in a web address could lose a customer. Therefore why not use QR codes? That way people with smartphones can scan them and get straight to the web page they want to visit.

Other benefits

There are several other advantages to adding a QR code to posters, flyers, and even catalogues. Firstly they are easier to share and can get even more eyes on your product. All you need is one person to share on their social media and you could instantly reach a much larger audience.

A second advantage is you can keep track of the data, including the number of people who use the code to access the website. That way you can get a better idea of how effective the campaign was. If the number of people using the code is low you might want to think about the design of the materials or even how you sent them out.

Get it right

If you do plan to use a QR code in a piece of mail, make sure you get it right. The reason they did not catch on when originally introduced was that the execution was poor. For example the codes often wouldn’t scan and took people to websites that weren’t optimised for phones. Now they are much better though because the technology has caught up. In addition people know how to use them more effectively now. This makes them a far more viable marketing tool.

Global Mailing has the perfect service for you if you are thinking about direct mail. We excel in this area, maximising fulfilment and keeping waste to a minimum. We stand out from other international direct mailing companies by providing consistent service in the long term. Contact us today to find out more.

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