Millennials like direct mail more than you think

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With this being the technological age, one would think that digital advertising is the best way of interfacing with Millennials. This is not the case though. Present-day studies have confirmed that these individuals engage with classic mail quite often.

The fact is that Millennials trust direct mail. Previously, Royal Mail carried out research into Generation Z’s online behaviours. An astonishing 32% of young individuals preferred direct over digital. Additionally, 66% stated that they would use a voucher if it was delivered to them and they didn’t discover it online.

How many Millennials go through their mail?

Furthermore, 84% of Millennials take the time to go through what comes through the door. Moreover, 64% of them prefer to seek out practical details on services and brands inside these printed materials rather than looking online. These results contrast to our previous beliefs regarding the younger generation. They also prove that many businesses require a shift in marketing strategies.

Something else you’ll want to hear is that Millennials aren’t online all the time. Surprisingly, they make up 20% of newspaper and 31% of magazine readers. In addition, half of them disregard online adverts, while 15% do the same with direct mail.

One of the worst faults made by brands is presuming that every young person isn’t bothered about anything that’s not digital. However, this isn’t true. If you wish to combine online and direct mail, begin with ensuring they complement each other. In addition, always go with eye-catching designs.

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