Oversaturation can hurt your efforts

How to avoid over saturation…

When it comes to direct mail there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to stop you getting any return on your investment – over saturation. By over saturation we mean sending out so much mail to the same people that they stop noticing what you’re saying.

In most cases, sending out too many offers, no matter how great, won’t get you the results you want. This is simply because no single offer stands out from the rest.

Too much of a good thing

More detail and more choice does not create more business. In reality, it actually makes it difficult for your customers to make any choices or decisions at all. Also, lots of your well-crafted copy will remain unread.

However, if you give clients two offers to choose between, it’s possible to make easy comparisons. After you move beyond two, people tend to get a little lost. And customers who can’t decide don’t make purchases!

Here’s how your customers make decisions…

People typically make decisions using the following three steps:

  1. Understanding how crucial their goals are
  2. Considering how to meet them
  3. Selecting the best approach.

With this in mind, you can help your target market make quicker choices by…

  • Briefly outlining the advantages of your service or product.
  • Making your call to action clear and compelling.
  • Not complicating the decision-making process with too many options.
  • Regularly assessing your campaign and its frequency, then making adjustments if needed.

How we can help

Our team of dedicated international direct mail specialists will advise you on the right amount of direct mail for your needs. Enough to get the results you want, while avoiding over saturating your customers.
At Global Mailing we possess the years of market expertise, as well as the necessary systems, to manage your complex fulfilment needs. We do everything, including labelling and distributing targeted mail shots. Our broad services and the great results we deliver make us one of the top international direct mail specialists in the UK. We can help with every step, from strategy to evaluating the campaign.

So, if you’d like to discuss your direct mail needs, please get in touch with our experienced team today on 020 8561 2288.

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