Oversaturation can hurt your efforts

We are a team of dedicated international direct mail specialists that looks after its customers. To ensure that we satisfy everyone, we make it a point to meet and exceed your expectations. In addition, we provide a plethora of first-rate services that drastically speed up the process. This includes things like no contracts or pre-payments.

One critical detail you should know about direct mail is that oversaturation will kill return on investment. In most cases sending lots of mail pieces to the same people doesn't get you all that far with results because offers won't stand out.

You shouldn't let the belief that more details and choices are superior trick you. The reality is far different. It's more difficult for your clients and prospects to pick from numerous offers, make decisions, and also understand lots of text.

With say two offers, it's possible for them to make comparisons. After you move beyond two, people tend to get a little lost. Customers who can't decide don't purchase. The ROI you gain shall therefore fall. If you don't believe us, then you should look at the ways that individuals process your pieces.

How do people make decisions?

People typically decide what to do by using three steps. They are:

Know how crucial your goals are
Think about the possibilities of meeting them
Select the best approach.

With this in mind, you can assist your patrons in making quicker choices. You can do this by supplying them with the advantages of your service or product within your copy. If you have too many options, making decisions will be more challenging as a result. Ensure that your pieces make the decision-making process simple.

At Global Mailing, we possess the market expertise as well as the systems necessary to manage your complex fulfilment needs. We do everything, including labelling and also distributing targeted mail shots. Our broad services and the great results we deliver make us one of the top international direct mail specialists in the UK.

If there's something you require, please let us know. We can help with every step, from strategy to evaluating the campaign.

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