Quality control and proofreading are critical with direct mail

Transporting mail can prove tiresome at times, but this is not the situation with us. For many years now, we have assisted some of the country's top establishments with their efforts and have been rewarded for the accomplishments with repeat business. Being one of the top international direct mailing companies, we are the people to call if you are after high quality results and a trustworthy service.

Failing to proofread and manage quality control are arguably the two biggest don’ts when it comes to using direct mail. Nothing is going to lead your materials on a one-way trip to the bin faster than lots of typos, terrible printing standards, or an obvious formatting problem.

If you happen to be writing a copy, ensure that it’s proofed by not just yourself, but also someone who is more linguistically-adept. This is not only for the sake of pinpointing punctuation and grammar mistakes, but so that the flow is sufficient too. Don’t hesitate to ask for the assistance of as many dependable individuals as you can, and always be prepared for constructive criticism.

With the design aspects, there’s a good chance that they’ll have either originated from the work of a graphic designer. If not they may come from a pre-existing template. The printer templates are likely to have an efficient eye flow, as well as a solid graphics to text ratio. If you opt for the designer approach, obtain a series of mock ups, and seek out professional opinions. While we’re on the subject of printers, see to it that yours comes with some degree of guaranteed quality, as poor materials are a major deal breaker.

At Global Mailing, our talent for getting things right and the attention to detail that goes into our work has led a substantial number of clients to us. No matter the industry that you belong to, be it art, finance, legal, or publishing, we shall see to it that your needs are attended to in a suitable manner.

If you are interested in working with one of the best international direct mailing companies around, please get in touch. We will find the perfect service for you, whether it is a one-off mailshot or sending mail periodically.

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