Remember the nouns and verbs, and remain positive

Everyone has post that needs sending off at some point in their lives, even in this digital age. The trouble for some however is finding the right people to help them with this. As one of the most highly regarded international direct mailing companies working today, you should consider contacting us if you have any deliveries that must be made.

Writing a letter isn’t as simple as some believe it to be. It’s often the case that writers make a series of errors, many of which can prove to be rather consequential in certain circumstances. This is especially true with business letters, because a badly written letter is all it takes to put someone off from working with you. So that you don’t make any mistakes, we’ve jotted down a few professional writing tips below.

This will be common knowledge to most, but use verbs and nouns. If you compare your writing to driving a vehicle, verbs and nouns are kind of like the engine and wheels. Similarly, adverbs and adjectives function as the trim and body. Regardless of how elaborate your details are, with no grip or energy, the vehicle won’t go anywhere. Adverbs and adjectives are capable of supplementing sturdy verbs and nouns, but there’s nothing that can be done for weak ones.

Remember to stay positive too. Utilise such negatives as “not”, “won’t”, and “don’t” only when you are looking to deny, and never to evade. As opposed to writing “we can’t make a decision until tomorrow”, try “we shall decide tomorrow”. Even large amounts of negative declarations possess isolated words which operate more efficiently than full-blown negative announcements. Try “disagreeable” rather than “not nice”, and “rarely” as an alternative to “not too often”.

At Global Mailing, we see to it that every client’s requirements are attended to in an effective manner. After-all our customers are part of our family. Having worked alongside some of the country’s most exacting businesses, we’re no strangers to meeting strict deadlines, or taking on the burden of heavy loads. This is one of the reasons we stand out as one of the most accomplished international direct mailing companies.

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