How to improve your response rates

Better response rates deliver more of what you are targeting. Here's some suggestions on how that can be done.

Direct mail marketing may already be part of your strategy. If it is, you might have noticed a drop in response rates. To get the ball rolling again, a few tweaks here and there may be necessary. Using the following tips, you’ll be able to increase your response rates again.

More and better data in your database

Improving the data in your database comes in three steps:

1. Make sure it is accurate

If your data isn’t accurate, it either won’t get to the person, or will be ignored by them. When was the last time you checked the addresses (especially since the pandemic with increased working from home)?  Do you regularly check job titles or see whether people have changed jobs?  The more you do, the more accurate your data.

2. Get more information about your contacts

If you only collect name and address, how can you properly segment your data to make your direct mail campaigns relevant and effective?  At an absolute minimum, add job titles, what they have bought from you (so you can segment current clients and prospects) and industry sector.  More data helps make your campaigns more relevant and will improve your response rates.

3. Get more contacts

Very simple, the more (relevant) people you are “talking” to, the more you are going to improve your response volumes.  As you add more data, you may see a dip because you haven’t yet developed brand recognition with the new contacts, but it will go back up, assuming your data is good quality.

Personalise your campaigns

Something else that will pull you in the right direction is using personalisation. The Royal Mail sponsored BMRB research discovered that 51% of individuals aren’t as likely to open their mail if it’s addressed “To the occupier”. Therefore, what you need to do is include the recipient’s name or surname. Do this for every targeted piece.

Every time you talk to an existing customer or a potential one it is wise to personalise the message. This helps you to build a rapport and it makes them feel more valued. As a result you can enjoy a much stronger reputation and brand.

Make it stand out

Whilst most people get very little direct mail these days (and far too many emails), you still need to make your direct mail campaigns stand out from the competition.  At the very least make sure you are using good quality paper and envelopes.  Make your direct mail useful.  A “normal letter” may get kept for a little while, but something that is useful will be kept far longer, steadily improving brand recognition for you.  Perhaps you should add a treat. We’ve seen small chocolate bars go out in campaigns and they always get noticed.

These are just a few ways to improve your response rates. We hope your find them useful.

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