Running a successful charity mail enterprise

You might be used to companies telling you how they're going to do everything they can to please you, but we prefer actions to words. Using our expertise of creating international mailing solutions, as well as our friendly approach to the customers, we have been able to retain them for an average of 14 years. This is something we are very proud of. Once you've experienced what it's like to work with us, we're certain that you'll want to build a similarly long term relationship with our team.

For countless charity organisations, direct mail is a mainstay of their donor and appeal retention methods. A study carried out by Market Research indicated that the format resulted in impressive amounts of instant responses, with a grand total of 55% revealing that immediate action was taken.

Additionally, it seems that the medium propels word of mouth and awareness. An impressive 38% of individuals said that they spoke with others about the charity mail they had received. However, there are crucial factors that require consideration when using direct mail for charity. We intend to go through some of them here.

Those campaigns that are focused on obtaining the largest returns on investment can merge cost efficient mail strategies with a creative and compelling concept. To maximise the chance of success it is wise to improve cooperation. For example it’s essential that the designers work in tandem with the printers tasked with producing and assembling the mail as well as the people handling mailing it. Potentially, this could result in thousands in savings.

You must ensure that any data is clean too. Whenever mail is distributed with faults or incorrectly, it not only damages your bank account, but also the charity’s brand. Arrange to have your records checked on a regular basis so that you don’t make any mistakes. Most importantly, ensure you stay up to date in regards to the title, name, and address.

At Global Mailing, our experience with some of London’s most demanding businesses has taught us to expect and be able to accommodate various specifications. With our attention to detail, nothing shall be left out or sent off to the wrong individuals by accident when we provide international mailing solutions.

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