Save your money with international mail

As the providers of a leading international mail service, we must closely follow our industry. Keeping this in mind, since Royal Mail privatised it has caused a rise in stamp prices. Not only this, but it has affected the size, shape, quantity and geographical worth. As a result of privatisation, other forms of postage increased in price due to VAT. This isn't considered acceptable, as it now takes 4 days for a normal letter to be delivered.

The price increase affected charities and small businesses most. Companies who weren't VAT registered felt the worst strain on their budget. This is primarily why small businesses and charities began searching for an affordable service like ours.

Other efficient methods for saving on postage

Organising your address list is one good way of saving on postal services. All unwanted mail costs your business printing, postage and other mail fees. This obviously wastes a lot of your budget. So, before sending anything check your address list, making sure that it is free of old information and duplicates.

Additionally, organising your address list will give you a better insight into your target audience. Collecting more client data can provide an efficient method of finding new ones. You may even decide on accepting support from a marketing company; they can advise on new target markets. This way more mail needs sending, meaning better discounts with bulk mailing services.

Also, thoroughly sorting your mail contents saves you money. Keeping irrelevant and boring information excluded will keep customers intent. This is important when you target international customers. With such an investment the last thing you want is your audience to ignore your materials. Ideally you will engage them effectively.

Lastly, finding a reputable partner is crucial for budget saving. Global Mailing offers an international mail service for any type and size business. We are clear on pricing for all our operations, so there's no hidden charge. Along with this, we don't force you to stay with us in any contract. Many clients do stay though because we are good at what we do and make them feel truly valued.

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