Sell the offer and include the finer details

Global Mailing functions a bit differently to other businesses out there. To begin with, we prefer to make sure clients are our top priority and that they know it. In addition, the services we offer include benefits not found with those from other companies. If you're after top-notch international mailing solutions, then we are the people you need to work with.

Direct mail is an effective marketing tool, there’s no doubt about that. However, this is only true when you utilise it in the correct way. We want you to get the most out of your investment. To this end, we’ve produced some advice on creating mail that will prove invaluable to you.

Sell the right thing

You should really aim to sell your offer rather than your services and products. See to it that you are offering something completely and difficult to ignore to your mailing list. Don’t sell your service or product and instead vend your offers. The offer is what fashions almost half of the responses you acquire. As such, you must ensure that it’s compelling, relevant, and that it expires soon.

Allow people to purchase

Another thing you must do is include all the details required to make a purchasing choice. Recipients spend the majority of their time with physical mail and not digital pieces. They don’t gaze at paper in the same way that they do a screen, meaning that you can supply extra information. This is particularly critical since you’ll likely be attempting to close a sale and not simply capture the contact figures. Therefore, you need to include all the details necessary for your recipient to take up the offer.

At Global Mailing, we like to keep our mission straightforward. Our goal is to offer everyone well ordered and cost effective fulfilment and international mailing solutions. Considering that our customers have been with us for an average of 14 years, it’s safe to assume that our approach works.

If we can assist you with something, please give us a call. Every service is unique so it matches your needs.

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