Should you start marketing internationally?

Globalisation has opened up more of the world to businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving them many new potential revenue streams. This doesn't automatically mean that every single business will benefit from this kind of growth though. For some it won't be a viable option. One of the best ways to check to see if it is right for you is to speak to the international direct mail specialists at Global Mailing. We can share our experience and a wide array of tips.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when making the decision whether to start trading internationally. The first and foremost is to look at which markets will be available. You'll need to think about what countries and regions will need your products, what impact the different cultures will have, and what competitors there are.

Logistics are the biggest challenge with international marketing. You need to navigate different languages, laws, costs, the geographical location, and many other things. Any of them could make the expansion unfeasible.

A vital thing to keep in mind is that you can't simply use the same strategy in each country. You will need to adapt in terms of how you promote yourself, what materials you send, and even when you choose to mail them.

Selecting a vendor is also a big challenge. The company you work with for your national operations may not be able to handle delivering to the new international markets. As a result you could need to look for an additional partner. It will take time to choose a vendor, especially if you want to be confident they will be able to meet your needs.

Once you decide who to work with it is important you prepare before every mail shot is sent out. Firstly you need to check your data and ensure everything is validated. Take the time to make sure that the people you are contacting have given permission. Secondly it is crucial you time the mailing properly. Take into account how much time it will take for mail to get to the final destination so any deadlines you set are achievable.

Global Mailing is an established team of international direct mail specialists; that means we can provide reliable service for every client. As highly experienced vendors we can tailor a service to suit any needs. Contact us today to discuss your marketing plans and to find out what we can provide.

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