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There comes a time when first class international mailing services are needed, especially when important mail shots are being dispatched. Global Mailing is just the people to provide these solutions for you. Having been in business for years, our level of experience allows us to cater to the requirements of clients from various industries. Widely respected for our ability to do the job well and meet any requirements, you should rely on us.

Traditional mail has turned into a very transactional medium, typically being restricted to holiday and birthday cards. Even though this variety of mailing isn’t too memorable, it doesn’t have to be this way. In the age of Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as various other social media platforms, letters are capable of standing out from the crowd, acting as a real differentiator. So that we can convince you of the significance of traditional services, we are going to outline some of its advantages.

To begin with, classic mail is an outstanding targeting tool. For a huge number of industries, geo-targeting is crucial, and can be made simple with such mailing methods. Whenever customers are contacted through a letter, you know that it’s their physical address you are reaching. Email addresses on the other hand can be almost anywhere on earth. Furthermore, since 95% of the population have the opportunity to use postal services, as opposed to internet users who only make up 34%, your letter’s potential to reach clients is far greater.

Traditional mailing can also assist you in your attempts to be a law-abiding citizen. You might not think it, but there are documents legally required to be sent off via the mail. Thanks to contemporary automation apparatus, not only is sending a letter as easy as dispatching emails, but you can meet all the necessary legal obligations too.

At Global Mailing, we see to it that clients come first in every situation and are given the treatment they deserve. Various individuals have used our services in the past and continue doing so today, with many having stated that they would recommend us to others in the future. This says a lot about the quality of our international mailing services.

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