Stay safe, stay insured

As a high class mailing service, we do our best to guarantee our customer base's satisfaction. Because we are international direct mail specialists, we consider every factor so that your goods reach their intended target in one piece. Regardless of whether mailing is being sent in the legal, financial, or art industries, we can and will offer you assistance if it is required.

Insurance is a word that many of us dread, but it may be essential if you intend to mail objects between countries. To give you an idea of just how crucial these schemes are, here is some information for you to go over.

Before you make the decision to mail something, ask yourself if you trust in the importing professionals that exist at the destination. In certain instances, your packages might safely make the journey out of the country and to its preconceived target. However, before it arrives at the door, it is first required to go through customs.

Certain countries are renowned for their honesty and safety, with Japan standing as a notable example. In theory, you could send an envelope filled with money all the way through Japanese customs without losing one penny. Of course, we recommend that you don’t do this.

Other nations may not be as dependable. This means careless actions could result in your more expensive merchandise being damaged along the way. If this is a fact that concerns you, then insurance is definitely something you will want. Our opinion on it is that in addition to mitigating potential losses, it also safeguards against stress.

At Global Mailing, our current clients have been with us for an average of 14 years, and feel more like part of a family as opposed to just some other customers. We do what we can to make things simple and stress-free for them; it is for these reasons they have remained by our side.

If you too are interested in working with one of the most reliable and consistent international direct mail specialists, please give us a call.

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