Take the seasons into account

For years, we have served some of the most demanding businesses in delivering their direct mailing materials. People think of us as the finest international direct mail specialists around. As such, they depend on us in cases where only the highest of standards are acceptable.

It’s true that the figures are in favour of direct mail. However, in order to get the most out of it, you must plan your campaigns effectively. During this process, some of the most vital elements you have to consider are the seasons. The reason why is that a change in season can really affect you mailing efforts.

How do the seasons factor into everything?

If you’re aiming for the optimal responses, examine each season and how they influence your marketing. Christmas mail for example will likely include a multitude of leaflets, catalogues, flyers, and brochures. Chances are that your audience will end up swamped by the amount of holiday mail they receive. Therefore, it’s essential that you produce a personalised and intelligible message. Do some advanced planning so that you can dispel any fears of you not being able to deliver your services. Just don’t make it too soon that no one’s thinking about the holidays yet.

After you’ve concluded your research, you can begin creating your designs. Check that your content relates to the season and your services. Establish an explicit timeline of when you wish to have your mailing developed as well. With the holidays in particular, direct mail tends to be time sensitive. Hence, you need to do your best to avoid project delays if you don’t want to incur unforeseen costs.

At Global Mailing, the average amount of time a client has spent with us is 14 years. This is because we prefer to treat them more like family as opposed to regular customers. Whatever their requirements, we go the extra mile to ensure they’re met. This establishes us as the go to international direct mail specialists.

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