The case for direct mail marketing – still going strong

We are happy to be the provider of first-class international mailing solutions. In terms of direct marketing, we know that not everyone sees it as the great option it is. We would like to help change this attitude because there are plenty of benefits on offer.

A Less-Crowded Method

Email marketing is something many people try to take advantage of. What you have to remember is that while it is cheap and most people have emails, you can end up bombarding them with your messages. Many people find their inbox full because of everyone they have given their email address too.

Because of this your message can sit there for years untouched, or get placed straight in the junk folder. When you use direct mail, you are sending a physical object people will want to open. It is also harder to ignore and has a higher response rate in comparison to emails.

Stand Out

In this day and age, people receive very little physical post because of the increasing use of digital communications. But, this has actually enhanced the impression it makes. People see direct mail as a rarity and can make you stick in their minds as being different.

Include Great Content

A great idea for direct marketing is the use of hybrid tactics. You can ask people if they would like to learn more on online channels, include QR codes or voucher codes for an online store. You still get to use call to actions and fill it with all of the information you want to, even in different sizes and forms like post cards and flyers.

Do It With Ease

Direct mail doesn’t have to be difficult. With Global Mailing, we can make the process simple. Whether you are looking to generate new business or increase the loyalty of your customers you can count on us. Rely on premier international mailing solutions and get started today.

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