The dos and don’ts of direct mail – tips for businesses

As the provider of first class international mailing solutions we are here to lend a hand. Even in this digital world, direct mail is here to stay. It has an important place as a welcome change from using digital technologies. When you are smart with your efforts, you can make a big impact.

What You Should And Shouldn't Be Doing

You must allow for two way communication. Calls to action and easy responses give people a next step to follow. Multiple options are great because they provide a choice; responders will then usually use what is easiest for them.

When you are looking for people to follow up, take the chance to track the results. This lets you learn what works for you and your mailing efforts. You can even integrate technology through QR codes, social media and URLs.

First impressions are everything. The layout should be enticing and you should be swift in letting people know what the subject is. It isn't about making people read on to learn what it is about, but drawing them in quickly. Once you have done this you can then inform them of everything they need to know.

You should not have any spelling or grammatical errors within your text. It is simple to check this, along with making sure the information is accurate and any links work. If this is not the case, even a small error can make people lose faith as well as interest.

Don’t leave people feeling undervalued. Never address people by using something generic like "occupant" or "neighbour". This gives a bad first impression and is often associated with spam mail. Take the time to personalise the mail, especially if you have the right details to hand. In addition, segment your mailing list. This allows for an increase in the response rate.

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