The history of direct mailing

Global Mailing has worked to differentiate ourselves from other international direct mailing companies by taking a different approach to services. We make them personal and ensure our customers feel like family. On top of this we want them to have fun with mail solutions so they find the right way to make a positive impression.

Another thing that makes us unique is we appreciate the interesting history of mailing. Surprisingly one of the first examples of direct mail dates back to 1000BC. It saw an Egyptian landowner create an advert for returning a missing slave in exchange for gold. The advertisement is now featured in the British Museum. Other ancient cultures tried direct marketing, particularly using stone tablets.

The printing press was invented hundreds of years prior to direct mail becoming a recognised concept. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg and William Caxton began to print pamphlets to order from their press in Westminster Abbey. By the 18th century technology had gradually improved, enabling quicker outputs. Prior to the Revolutionary War, catalogues of seed and garden products were distributed around the American colonies.

In the 19th century international direct mailing developed quickly into mail order and targeted marketing as we know it today. Aaron Montgomery Ward of Chicago is renowned as the man who invented it. His direct mail business was set up in 1872. Considered the forerunner of modern mailing and marketing, Ward revolutionised the way we purchase goods in the modern day.

What furthered international direct mailing after this point was the computer. Although social media, email and web adverts are still recognised as competitors to the industry, the technology has boosted the industry too. The internet in particular has helped in terms of enabling people to fast check their mail by tracking its journey.

Today there are efficient and fast direct mail services to suit a wide array of requirements. At Global Mailing we are very proud to provide them and always look for ways to keep our industry moving forward. We have become renowned for reliable handling and distribution, building relationships with clients that last for years.

If you require services from one of the most dynamic, forward thinking international direct mailing companies, get in contact with us today.

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