The right way to use direct mail at Christmas

How to get the best results from festive direct mail

Christmas is on its way and it’s one of the most important times of the year for reaching out to customers. After all, everyone’s feeling generous, happy and, above all, more open minded to festive direct mail!

Direct mail is also a great way to promote your business, as it gives you total control over your messaging, timings and audience. Despite this, there are marketers out there who are failing to take advantage of holiday advertising. However, follow our five top tips below, and we promise you’ll see a great return on your Christmas post…

1: Be prepared

Christmas always arrives sooner than you think, so don’t leave it too late to plan your campaign. Also, make sure you’re clear on what you want to achieve from it. Is it more mail orders, more telephone sales, more online orders or more customers in stores?


2: Choose the right time

It’s a busy time of the year, so pick the best mailing time to maximise your response. You’ll be competing with lots of other advertising messages, so your direct mail needs to arrive early enough to work with delivery times but not so early that customers aren’t feeling festive!


3: Make a clear statement

Businesses becomes more creative at Christmas, coming up with ever more eye-catching material to compete with all the seasonal glitz.

However, the best approach is simply to make a clear, uncomplicated statement. If you have a strategy for your mailing and have seen it succeed previously, then make use of it. Don’t simply adhere to the standard practices.


4: Attract attention

That said, you need to make your Christmas mail spirited and noticeable. So, make sure your design clearly represent your brand. You also need a clear call to action that tells customers quickly and simply what they need to do. Too many instructions will just cause readers to ignore your mail.


5: Speak to us!

At first glance, we might seem like your run of the mill company. However, we’re big enough and possess the right kinds of systems to function like a blue chip establishment. We’ve also worked with some of London’s most demanding businesses, many of which remain with us. These companies originate from a variety of industries, including the arts, non-profit and legal industries, to name just a few.


Our experiences with them have shaped our international mailing offering for the better and we’re considered to be the best when it comes to international mailing solutions. We can help with every step, from strategy to evaluating the campaign, and there really is no-one better to help you get the very best returns from your direct mail.


So, if you’d like to discuss your direct mail needs, please get in touch today on 020 8561 2288.

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