The wonderful world of postcards and self-mailers

We are a company that operates by placing its customer's needs above all else. Thanks to our dedication, we have been able to retain them for an average of 14 years. This accomplishment is not easy to meet, or replicate for that matter. Being one of the premier businesses for international mailing solutions, we are capable of fulfilling your requirements regardless of how strict they are.

Even today, direct mail persists in its efforts to be a multifaceted marketing approach. Despite the expansion of digital mediums, this form still has a significant purpose. It enables you to connect emotionally with your audience, supports other campaigns, and boosts response rates.

The most important thing is to ensure you are successful in tailoring your mail to suit your audience’s particular specifications. This will result in the best response rates. Saying this, here are some examples of direct mail formats that you could potentially use in your own endeavours.

Postcards are utilised because they’re simple, concise, and clear. If your intention is to distribute brief messages, these would be the best choice. Constantly used in special offer and reminder movements, they prove to be incredibly effectual tools when dealing with services and products.

Brochures and leaflets, alternatively titled self-mailers, are employed to fascinate all kinds of patrons. This mailing structure uses no outside envelope, is self-contained, and only requires an adhesive tab for closing. Since they mainly consist of visuals and company information, they can work wonders at grabbing attention.

At Global Mailing, we make things easier for our clients not just because it makes them happy, but because we love doing so. Our team shall see to it that there’s no fuss involved, and that everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can. That is why you should invest in our international mailing solutions.

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