There’s no mistaking direct mail’s potency

Our establishment is one that possesses the systems and experience necessary to operate in a similar fashion to a blue chip business. What this means for our customers is that they will be our first priority, with their needs coming before all else. Additionally, they can expect high quality international mailing solutions whenever they request them.

Today’s age is one that’s digitally driven, with people spending a large chunk of their lives online. However, this hasn’t halted direct mail’s advance. You might believe that such a strategy has no place in our world anymore, but this is not the case. Countless companies mistakenly think that potential customers would favour emails. There are findings though that suggest otherwise.

What do the statistics say?

The estimation is that we distribute a monstrous 269 billion emails daily. The average office worker receives 121 every day. With such statistics in mind, there’s the chance that your promotion could become lost in the spam. Campaigns involving direct mail are markedly lower. On average, we dispense 13.8 billion letters each year. Reduced competition means more of an opportunity to stand out. Furthermore, direct mail response rates are greater today than they ever were before.

The polarity between email and direct mail is conspicuous in the response speeds. Individuals have previously delineated an astonishing 190% growth on prospect response velocities for direct mail endeavours. Besides this, a mere 44% have directly recalled the brand after witnessing a digital advert. This figure rises to 75% for direct mailing. It’s also possible to measure direct mail’s power in personalisation. This approach enables users to speak with the potential audience personally and fine-tune their messages so that they possess the right attributes.

At Global Mailing, we have been able to hold onto many of our own clients thanks to the practices we’ve adopted. Whether you’re from the legal, publishing, or education industry, we will make sure that we meet your requirements. Our international mailing solutions are flexible and will deliver great value.

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