Tips for writing direct sales letters

Direct mail sales letters can make a really great impression on customers, especially if they are personalised and capture their interest. At Global Mailing we have a lot of experience with them, ensuring we can deliver a reliable service for businesses. With our international mail service each letter will find its way to the right destination.

If you want to be successful with sales letters there are a number of things you need to think about. Below you will find some useful tips on everything from how to write them to how you can make a good impression.

Customer focus

The best sales letters are always focused on the customer. When writing you should think of yourself as the recipient, considering what you would want to see. Take everything you know about the customer and use it to create a letter that will appeal to them and generate a response.

Visual texture is important

A single block of text is difficult to read and unlikely to hold interest. Instead of this you should make use of visual textures in the letter, including things like bold, italics, bullet points, and subheadings. That way the text is broken up and easier to skim read.

The offer

Every letter should have an offer. This should be the focus at the top of the page, highlighting the benefits. Never hide what you are offering in a huge amount of other information; the reader may miss it.


A P.S section that reminds the reader of the offer is important. It means it is the last thing they think of and can encourage them to take action quickly.


Your letter should be free of tricky jargon unless you are absolutely sure that the reader will understand it. It is better to focus on readability and using shorter, easy to read sentences. Again avoid huge blocks of text.

Focus on converting

There is a lot of language you can use to encourage conversion. You should write with this in mind and ensure you have a call to action in place.

Global Mailing is able to offer a flexible international mail service to each and every client. We are successful with fulfilment and work very hard to provide the best possible returns. If you would like to find out more please contact us.

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