Tips to ensure you get the right international mailing solutions

In the 21st century demand for quality international mailing solutions is rising as more businesses look to target a global audience. Fortunately we have the skills and experience to provide the right services. The following tips help us to deliver outstanding mailing and fulfilment.

Clear Addresses

One thing to keep in mind is that countries may have different ways of addressing items. It is vital to understand these and get each address correct if you want the item to stand the best chance of reaching its destination. In addition, ensure the information you have for the recipients is correct, including their title.

Return Address

It is always wise to put a return address on everything you send so it can be safely returned to you if delivery can’t be made for any reason. We do this effectively and always report back to clients about undelivered items.

Correct Postage

One of the most frustrating things with international postage is underpaying. This can cause big delays to deliveries and even leave the recipient out of pocket if they need to pay the difference.


No matter what you are sending, whether it is a letter, a catalogue, or a package, it must be packaged correctly. The packaging should protect the contents and also make a good impression on the recipient.

Customs Declarations

Before sending mail outside of the EU you need to complete a declaration. The correct form should be filled out and attached to each item. This makes it easier for the mail to get through customs and into the country you are sending it to.

Prohibited Items

Some items are restricted when travelling by post and others are prohibited. The rules differ by country so it is important to check and make sure everything being sent is allowed. If there are restrictions you must adhere to them.

Global Mailing is one of the most talented providers of international mailing solutions. We have worked hard to deliver consistently high quality services and ensure businesses that work with us are happy. We make sure that all items are properly prepared for delivery and take care of absolutely everything. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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