What fascinates people about dimensional mail?

Twenty years in our industry has taught us much. It has also given us the opportunity to mould ourselves into the establishment we're known as today. The public considers us one of the leading international direct mailing companies. This is largely thanks to the dedication we put towards our clients' needs, as well as the level of quality we're constantly able to deliver.

Dimensional mail is one of the various forms of mailing that we use. Essentially, they are pieces that aren’t flat in shape, but instead possess dimensions like tubes or boxes. Compared to other mail types, their response rates tend to be far greater. This isn’t a cheap strategy to use though. However, as we mentioned before, you stand the chance to earn more responses.

There are other reasons as to why you should utilise dimensional mail. We’re going to go through some of them here.

Appealing materials

Appeal is one of the reasons why people find themselves drawn to these materials. This distinct bracket of mail resonates especially well with receivers. Apart from simply opening it, the recipient is also likely to share it with their family and friends. Furthermore, individuals remember dimensional mail for considerably longer periods when compared to its counterparts.

Long lasting

Longevity is something else that entices individuals towards it. During a multitude of instances, dimensional mail proves useful to us. Receivers preserve it so that they can use it repeatedly. This keeps your business at the top of their minds every time they look at it.

At Global Mailing, customers can start taking advantage of our first-class mailing services with a simple phone call. There are many benefits to using our service, including no contracts or pre-payments, free collections, and itemised invoicing. We strive to stand out from all other international direct mailing companies by focusing on unbeatable customer service and excellent results.

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